What Happens When Clients Contact Crane Quality Counselling?

At Crane Quality Counselling  our staff are aware of how difficult it is for some people to contact us for help. They are trained to deal with our clients in an understanding and sympathetic way. You will be invited to attend an assessment interview, normally within 7 days of contacting us.

This is not a counselling session but an opportunity for you to discuss your concerns with a counsellor and for both you and the counsellor to plan the most appropriate counselling being made available to you. Your ongoing appointments may be with the same counsellor or you may be introduced to a differently qualified counsellor who is felt to be more suited to your needs.

You will normally attend weekly appointments with your counsellor and you will have the opportunity to end counselling at anytime you feel is appropriate for you.

We hope that you feel the benefit of your counselling and this will enable you to move forward in the best way possible for you.

Where to Find Us

C-QC has a suite of offices and counselling rooms in Suite B at The Roy Fletcher Centre, 12/17 Cross Hill, Shrewsbury, SY1 1JE

The offices are currently open Monday – Thursday 10am – 4pm there is a 24 hr answer phone service

Appointments are available between times but evening appointment between 5pm – 8pm are also available.