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Supporting relationships for you, your family and friends.


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Is it for you?

Everyone has arguments at some time.
Usually these are easily resolved or blow over, but sometimes they just get worse.
At Crane Quality Counselling a Counsellor can help you work things out in a way that is best for everyone.
Big changes in family life can cause stress and long running disputes cause pain to the whole family. The problems faced by one person can affect relationships with others.

What will happen?

Counsellors do not take sides and will not tell you what to do.
They will explore your concerns with you and work with you to resolve the problems.

Before your counselling begins you will have an initial consultation.
Future appointments with the Counsellor will follow normally on a weekly basis.
The Counsellor may suggest that other family members/relations may sometimes come along to some sessions.

How can Crane Quality Counselling help?

All relationships are unique and have unique problems, but our Counsellors are experienced relationship experts and are specially trained to work with people to help resolve their problems.

How much does it cost?

It is charged based on the type of counselling being offered. These details can be discussed when you telephone – our Receptionist will explain this process.

The commitment we expect from you!

Once counselling begins we ask you to keep your appointments, this is important for you. If you do have to cancel we ask that you give 48 hours notice, enabling us to offer the appointment to someone else.


To find out more about CRANE QUALITY COUNSELLING or to arrange an initial appointment please contact us:-

Tel:- 01743 240546
Mobile :- 07804494101
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Crane Quality Counselling
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